As a church family called to gospel mission, we see every member of our church as a missionary in his or her own unique spheres of life.

Whether they are the spheres of career, friends, family, or our physical neighbors, we are called to make disciples wherever God puts us. This means that our church family is one large group of missionaries sent to West LA. We make disciples individually and together as we move within the spheres in our lives.

Our Friends And Neighbors


What does it look like to live on mission in our spheres? For many of us, it means opening up our church family to welcome our friends and neighbors, including them in our activities and our time together. We want to live all of life with gospel intentionality, demonstrating the love of God and proclaiming the truth of God to those around us.


Our Workplaces and Schools


For many of us, it also means being a beacon of light in our workplace or school. Our co-workers and classmates are people, not assets. We go out of our way to treat them with the love, respect, and honor of Christ. All the while we look for opportunities to share the hope of Jesus with them, because we love and care for them.


Our Families


For many of us, it also means consistently, compassionately, and patiently sharing the love and message of Jesus with our immediate family. Whether we are discipling our children, sharing our faith with siblings, or speaking about Christ to our parents, we recognize God’s call to be his ambassadors in every relationship—especially those unique, life-long, family relationship.


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