Preschool Room children are potty trained. When preschoolers turn 5 years old they are given a month to transition to Children's Church.


Every child wears a printed nametag from our LambsList check-in system. Parents are provided with a matching tag that is used to pick up children. All bags left with children are labelled.

Workers Present

At least two workers are present in each nursery room at all times. For every six children there will be at least one adult worker. Some parents prefer to stay in the nursery with their child for their first time. Parents who would like to stay with their child more than once fill out a childcare application and are approved by Cornerstone staff.

Crying Child

Parents are contacted if a child is crying for more than 10 minutes, is inconsolable, is disrupting the room, or if a child worker deems it appropriate.


Parents are advised to keep their children out of the nursery if they demonstrate any of the following symptoms:

Parents are contacted by workers if children demonstrate any of these symptoms while in the nursery.


Children in Preschool Room are potty trained. If the child is comfortable, the bathroom door is closed or left open only a crack. Workers assist a child only if absolutely necessary. Children are instructed to wash their hands with soap and warm water when finished.


Any allergies are noted on a child's nametag. With the help of a Team Lead, allergies can be added to the nametag through the Lamb's List check-in system.


Any and all injuries are immediately addressed using the first aid kit in the top drawer by the sink. Team Leads and parents are contacted if the child needs more assistance.


Children who are off task or disruptive are re-directed to new activities. If workers deem it necessary, toys that pose a problem may be removed. If disruptive behavior continues, parents are contacted. Any parents who express an interest to be more involved in this process are contacted earlier.



(10 minutes before service)
Parents check-in children for the Preschool Room using our Lambslist system in the Children’s Area.


(First 25 minutes)
Children play with toys and books while workers supervise and informally teach them Biblical truths.


(15 minutes)
After a potty break, children circle up for a short story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. After the lesson, workers take a short time to pray for the preschoolers together.


(15 minutes)
Children are given a small snack, followed by a potty break.


(15 minutes)
Children color a page meant to reinforce the lesson for the day. During coloring, workers talk about the Biblical truths taught in the lesson.

Free Play/Clean Up

(30 minutes)
After another potty break, children play with toys and books, taking time at the end to put things away.

Pick Up

Workers ensure that babies are picked up only by their parents by checking the tag provided parents through the Lamb's List check-in system.