“The Bible is how God initiates, maintains, and deepens his relationship with you.”

The Bible isn’t meant to be studied from afar. It’s built to be listened to up close. God’s Word is God’s communication to us, which means the Bible is the place we find God expressing himself and inviting us into a deeper relationship with him. When we understand that the Bible is God speaking, and that our role is to be good listeners, we’ll find ourselves knowing God personally by listening to His Word.

Application Questions

1. Describe your relationship with the Bible. How might that relationship change if you understood it as God speaking, inviting you into a personal relationship?

2. Spend some time thinking about what makes someone a good listener. What would it look like to apply those same listening skills to reading the Bible? How could you put those into practice this week?

3. How does the gospel relate to reading your Bible? How does God’s grace towards you in Jesus change your perspective about reading Scripture?

Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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