“When you walk with God, he unites you with others.”

January 14, 2018

The second half of our Discipleship Pathway reminds us that the Christian life can’t be lived apart from other people. Jesus calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves, and in John 17 he prays that his disciples would be united even as he and the Father are one. When we trace the history in the Bible, we find that God has always prioritized unity. From the Trinity to creation, redemption, and more, God desires his people to be united with him ​and​ united with one another.

Application Questions

1. After hearing the story of God uniting people throughout history, what stands out to you the most?

2. What would change about your Christian relationships if you saw them as part of God’s purpose in the world?

3. How have you experienced the kind of unity the Bible talks about?

4. What gets in the way of this kind of Christian unity for you now?

Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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