“To be salt and light is to live the upside down life of the Sermon on the Mount, with a different purpose, different priorities, and a different posture than the world has; but salt is useless from a distance and a light is useless when hidden; if you want to make an impact on people in your life you must be distinct and engaged; you must retain your saltiness and let your light shine.”

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus offers a different way of life that stands in sharp contrast to the world. He calls His followers to have a different purpose for their life (to live for God, not for ourselves), different priorities (to radically love God and others rather than radically loving ourselves), and a different posture (to serve others rather than serve ourselves). And yet this “different life” doesn’t mean we are disengaged or disconnected from the world, but we purposefully engage and shine our light so that the world can see.

Application Questions

1. What are ways that you have lost your “saltiness” with regard to your purpose, priorities, and posture?

2. Do you embrace your weirdness (i.e. distinctness) as a Christian, or do you fight it?

3. Are you actively seeking the good of non-Christians around you? 

4. Identify two or three non-Christians in your life that you should intentionally pursue and engage with this week.

Further Resources

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